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AllSarongs Coupon Codes For Discounts and Savings!

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Do you need help on inputting the AllSarongs Coupon Code?
Simply use the code upon the checkout page when you're figuring out the shipping costs - before "checking out" or entering any billing info. This way, you get to see what your total costs are with the coupon, shipping, and tax if applicable.
Are you looking for Coupon Codes to use?
Most of our coupon codes are provided to past customers, our Facebook friends and our followers on Twitter (X) or Instagram. Just join our "Promotions and Discounts Only" mailing list below. We only send an email with a discount or promo we are running about once or twice a month and should you ever decide you don't want to receive the emails anymore, we have a very easy to find unsubscribe link that will instantly take you off the promotions list.

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If you're having a hard time finding coupon codes for us, keep in mind that we offer "FREE SHIPPING". You can get this promotion WITHOUT a coupon code. Simply fill your cart with sarongs and chose "Free Shipping" before checkout. There is no Coupon Code needed - it's automatic!

We send all of our terms and conditions with our Coupon Codes. If you accidentally FOUND this coupon code somewhere and don't have the details to it, email us. If it's a general code, we can let you know what the details are. Obviously, if it was a code intended for private use, you won't be allowed to use it. Keep in mind any codes used without permission will have the order canceled before shipping and the payment shall be refunded (fees may apply).