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Solid Color Cover Ups

Making a bold statement with the clothes that you wear is easy when you stock up on solid colored sarongs. Whether you choose a bright yellow style or a deep, soothing blue shade, you're bound to find that solid color wraps really brighten up your mood - and your day. Since they're crafted out of the softest rayon imaginable, these cover ups are wonderfully comfortable and very soothing to wear. They can be arranged in several different ways, allowing you to achieve the look you want. As bright and dramatic as their colors are, they will never bleed or run. All around, these pareos are excellent options.

Solid Pink Pink -Solid Color
Price: $14.98
ON SALE: $12.98

Light Gray Light Gray - Solid Color
Price: $14.98
ON SALE: $12.98

Pick Your Shade

Finding the sarong that will suit your needs the best is sometimes a bit confusing; after all, there are so many options out there! With solid color wraps, though, you can't go wrong. Whether you choose a cherry red color or a simple white one, solid color cover ups go well with anything. Accessorizing is much easier when you're wearing a single, dramatic color; pair your wrap up with sparkling hoop earrings, a twinkling necklace or dazzling bracelets to really set off your look. No matter what shade you choose, you'll look like a style winner.

Bask In Comfort

Trying to get through a busy day while feeling constricted and uncomfortable in your clothes is never a fun proposition. By choosing a solid color pareo, you can enjoy exceptional comfort from sun up to sun down. These garments flow in a mesmerizing and attractive way, and they are handcrafted out of soft, delightful rayon to enhance their appeal. When you put on a solid sarong, you won't want to take them off at the end of the day - that's how comfortable they are! It doesn't get better than that.

Mix Things Up

Every woman is different and has her own unique body shape and type to work with. Instead of trying to force yourself into an outfit that just doesn't work well with your body type, why not slip into a solid color beach wrap? These cover ups can be wrapped and worn in several different ways, allowing you to customize your look again and again. The same solid color beach wear can be worn again and again - with a different look each and every time. If you're looking for an outfit that will come in hand time and time again, you have to choose a wrap in a solid color.

Make A Bold Statement

There's just something about the simplicity and style of a cover up in a solid color; they stand out from the crowd without being too loud. In other words, they allow you to stand out in a subtle and understated way. If you're trying to achieve an elegant, sophisticated and effortless look, solid color beach cover ups are a premium choice. It's amazing what sorts of ensembles you can create based solely on a single solid color, so prepare to be as creative as you'd like. From blue to green to every color in between, these items can't be beat.