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Sequined Sarongs

Many times, it's the small details that really make an outfit stand out. Our sequined sarongs are a prime example of this phenomenon. Made out of the same soft, sumptuous rayon that the rest of our collection is made of, these cover ups also include sequined accents that make them shine and sparkle in a truly eye catching way. With additional embellishments like fringes on many of them, it's little wonder why our sequined wraps have proven to be such smashing successes. Whether you need something a little special for an event - or if you just like to be sparkly - these sarongs could be just what you're looking for.

Sequins Add To The Allure

It's amazing what a few sequins can do for the overall appearance of an everyday beach wrap. In addition to a pleasing array of different colors and patterns, our sequined cover ups include these dazzling features and truly jump out at you - in a good way! The comfort of a bikini cover up is effortlessly paired with the visual appeal of sequins, making our sequined pareos offer the best of both worlds to even the most discerning among us. When you wear these pieces, you can't help but feel beautiful.

Boost Your Mood With Sequins

As it is, our sarongs already do a whole lot to help you look and feel your very best. Soft rayon and flowing designs make them a joy to wear whenever and wherever you want. Add a few well-placed sequins into the mix, and you have yourself a truly sophisticated and unbeatable look. Floral patterns are the most popular choices among our sequined beach wraps, allowing you to put your most feminine face forward. By slipping into one of our sequined sarongs, your mood will immediately lift and you'll feel simply stunning.

Wear It Any Way You Want To

One of the truly mesmerizing things about sarongs in general is that you can arrange them to fit you however you want. Our sequined bikini wraps are no exception; you can tie them in various ways in order to achieve a number of different looks and fits. By arranging our sequined pareos in various ways, you can accentuate your best physical attributes - and downplay the ones you'd rather not show off. However you want to do it, you'll quickly see that our sequined sarongs are a topnotch way to get the look, fit and style that you want.

Sequined Sarongs: Style Standouts

As a general rule, sarongs are delightfully stylish and wonderfully elegant. However, if you're ready to kick things up a notch then you can't go wrong with our sequined styles. Whether you're out in the sunshine or strolling beneath the moonlight, the sequins on these wraps catch the available light and sparkle merrily away. When you wear one of these gorgeous pieces, you will receive many compliments from people who can't believe how stunning you look. All the while, you'll be beyond comfortable and will happily wear your soft, billowy cover up dress for hours on end.