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Plus Size Sarongs

You might think that it would be tough to be comfortable and also embrace your inner beauty. Its not. Its actually incredibly easy with one of our plus size cover ups. We offer a vast selection of beautiful handmade plus size pareos at a very gentle price. They come in all kinds of wonderful styles, patterns and designs so you are sure to find one that you'll like. A plus size beach wrap from AllSarongs is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and keep your cool. These larger sizes work great as a wrap around for a bathing suit or as a beach cover up, but its not their only use. Often they are a perfect, cool, & lightweight way to cover up after a shower, while getting ready or to wear around the house on a hot day. Once you try these two ideas, you might be hooked!

Want to feel and look your best? Try a Plus Size Cover Up

It seems like there are more and more options for people regarding plus size clothing these days but often it can be tough to find the right thing in most big box stores. Our plus size sarongs are proof positive that it is easily obtainable to look stunning while wearing something that fits you comfortably. One thing is for sure, feeling good helps you look great! Our wraps can do that for you - make you feel great and look great too!

Easily Find A Style That Suites Your Taste
Our plus size wraps come in a vast array of pleasing colors, styles and designs. Whether you prefer sophisticated, low-key & subtle styles or if you really like making an appearance - you're sure to find something that meets and exceeds all of your desires in style. Vibrant hues and bold designs blend to make our plus size sarongs extremely unique and true handmade works of art. These wraps are hand-woven out of the softest rayon we can find, making them as pleasingly comfortable as they are stylish. Start shopping for the design that uniquely fits you right now!

Custom Tying Styles That Can Change Your Look

One of the best advantages of AllSarongs' plus size cover-ups is that they can be worn & tied in several different manors. Getting the exact fit and look that is right for you is very easy to do with these beautiful plus size beach wraps. Unlike almost anything else you wear, you don't have to hope and cross your fingers that a plus size sarong will fit you the way it should; a bit of adjusting, folding and retying will generally get you exactly how you want it to be. After a while, you'll get so used to tying it that you wont need the adjusting, you'll just know where to fold and tie. The end result? A plus size sarong that beautifully drapes over you and accentuates many of your best attributes.

Plus Size For Dress Styles

In general, if you are about size 16 or under, you could choose one of our plus size pareos and wear it as a dress. This is a delightful option and can come quite in handy when you need the few extra inches of fabric to make the dress work as planned. You still get to enjoy the same cool colors and designs on this soft rayon material, but in dress form. Look simply stunning at that next important event with a plus size sarong - worn as a dress. Top it off with a fancy jacket and you will really stand out from the crowd - in a good way!