Sarong Material
Types Of Fabrics Our Sarongs Are Made From

Ofter we are asked what type of material our sarongs are made of. Most of them are made of a fabric called RAYON. Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber produced from naturally occurring polymers. You can read more about it by searching online

It's a soft fabric that drapes extremely well and easily is steamed or ironed to release wrinkles. Rayon, when freshly washed and dried, is a very light and soft material that is somehow extremely durable. Most of our sarongs come from Bali Indonesia where the rayon is either printed by hand, batik designed or solid dyed. The rayon sarong is then processed and rinsed thoroughly.

We also carry a few sarongs that are made of a polyester material. These are our "Sheer Sarongs" with the beads.

Do we carry Cotton Sarongs?  - No, not currently. Rayon has a much softer and comfortable feel and that is why most of the sarongs in the world are made with Rayon fabrics.

Do you carry Silk Sarongs? - No, currently we do not.